Today a new culture and worldview are being created in Ukraine.
Knowledge of our history is the foundation of our future.
With our projects we aim to bring back to life the history of native land.

historical and culturological

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Publishing books

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Ukrainka (the Ukrainian Woman)

The book absorbed histories of life and success of the Ukrainian Women - from our most ancient “Goddesses-Berehyn” to the personalities whose names entered to the world history. The examples of their fight for happiness and achievement of the aim are described on several hundred pages of the book.

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History of Cossacks from Panteleimon Kulish

How Zaporizhska Sich was conceived? What was the language of the Cossacks? Where they lived, what they drunk and how the Ukrainian Knights conducted their military operations? The questions which were interesting for many past and modern researchers including Panteleimon Kulish.

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The Accident or Unprayed city

This book of remembrances turns us in the days of one of the biggest tragedies of past century — the catastrophe at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant near Kyiv. This is a story of the person who found himself alone in the face of catastrophe.




Our society “Oberig Chasu” (Guard of the Time) stays open for new projects. Everyone who has ideas and intentions based not only on creative work but also on educational and public initiatives are welcome to be a part of our activities. We will be happy to assist you in making your dreams come true and thus strengthen the future of our country.